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The problem faced by most property owners/management is that moisture behind the siding, walls, over ceilings, and under floors is often impossible to detect until the problem surfaces and visible to the naked eye. The use of infrared cameras will allow for quick detection of moisture behind surfaces that is not seen visually. A to Z Building Inspection Services easily carries out detection of moisture deposition within roofs, walls, and ceilings that could lead to moisture related problems. 
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Moisture penetration (yellow and green color) on a flat roof.

4 X 8 insulating panels saturated with moisture 

Not all hot spots are water penetrations. Some are overlays. 

This  is the view from the kitchen's  ceiling.  The   purple and blue circle indicates a water leak from the  above shower pan.
Roof leak onto a ceiling
This is the corner  bedroom of a stucco house that was  improperly flashed.

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