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"Recommends an Infrared Scan when  having an Energy Audit Performed"..
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Energy audits will work best for homeowners who are confronted with very large electric bills. In fact, conducting the needed home energy audit will let you save thousands of dollars in the upcoming years. Stop dwelling on the windows and doors you have at home for they are obvious spots that let you lose much home energy. Why not look into the less obvious spots like the attic, the ceilings, and the fireplace? 
A to Z Building Inspection Services Home Inspection Three Tier System:
Tier 1: Make suggestions to the homeowner on simple and inexpensive energy efficient changes or improvements that require very little skills to implement. Examples: replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent, air conditioner thermostat setting, and adjust the hot water temperature.
The Home Energy Audit includes:
Inspecting the structure from top to bottom visually and thermally with a Flir Infrared camera (the inspector is a thermographer certified by Flir and a Professional Home Inspector certified by the State of Texas). Digital and infrared pictures are recorded to show problem areas in the house.  They are included in the inspection report along with the problems and suggested energy improvements.
Tier 2: The next tier consists of suggestions that require the homeowner to be handy around the house or the use of a professional company to do the improvements.  Examples: Install soffit vents; insulate the attic door, and caulk doors and windows.     
Tier 3: After the homeowner has had time (3 to 6 months) to see the results of the first two tiers. If they want to go further with improvements, the third tier consists of more expensive improvements requiring a bigger investment and longer return on their investment. Examples: purchased a new air conditioner, new appliances, and replacement of windows.
 Uninsulated floor in a older pier and beam home
We work for the client, not an air-conditioning or window company trying to sell a product. Our goal at A to Z Building Inspection Services is to give the homeowner energy efficient suggestions that will have the biggest impact on their energy bill while spending the least amount of money. Example: The homeowner has set aside $2000 for energy efficient improvement. Do they spend the money on replacement of windows on the west side (front) of the house? Or do they spend the money on sealing the structure, attic ventilation improvements, and additional insulation?  The second suggestion will have more on of an impact on the homeowner's utility bills.
 Leaking roof
<----Picture to the left -  air infiltration through a door

 Infrared picture of a house's exterior

Hot air from the attic stairs being drawn into the return vent. 
  • Air-conditioning system, ductwork, and plenum are checked with the infrared camera for air leakage.
  • Proper ventilation, ceiling lights and accessible utility penetrations are checked for air leakage, and complete insulation coverage
  • Roof for leaks (only areas unrestricted in the immediate area of the hatchway) are inspected.  
Missing insulation
  • The walls are scanned with the infrared camera and checked for air leakage around doors, windows, wall plugs, and utility penetrations.
  • Optional: The house is pressurized or depressurizes depending on the time of year and checked for air leakage around doors, windows, wall plugs, and utility penetrations
  • Proper operation of the ventilation system
  • Soffit vents are installed and cleared
  • Roof vent operation
  • Registers check for air seepage between the sheetrock and insulation 
  • Returned vents (when accessible) for proper sealing
  • Complete insulation coverage – especially at wall ceiling junctions 
  • Water penetration in viewing areas
Survey of the air conditioning and water heater equipment
A detailed written report with pictures will be provided for you with an easy to understand listing of the most cost effective energy improvement for your home.

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