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Houston Real Estate Inspection Fees
The fastest and best way to get a price quote is to just simply call:
BILL LOFTUS 713-253-1259
When calling, please have the following information below ready in order that we may quote to you the lowest price possible.
  1. Square footage of home
  2. Age of the home
  3. Is the exterior  of the  house stucco
  4. Location/area of city (not physical address)
  5. When your Option Period ends (the number of days you have left to get the inspections done)
  6. Is there a swimming pool, spa, hot tub on the property?
  7. Is there a lawn sprinkler system on the property?
  8. Is there an alarm system in the home?
  9. Have you consider an infrared scan of the property
  10. Also energy audits are available with your home inspection.   Strongly recommend with homes over five years old.
The Department of Energy Recommends an Infrared Scan when Purchasing a Home.
 Infrared Scan and Energy Audits are available with your home inspection.
Unsealed Double Doors
Missing Insulation in the Wall
Unsealed Attic Hatch
Missing Insulation in the Walls
We strongly recommend that you have the infrared scan performed during the structural, electrical, and mechanical inspection for that extra layer of protection. Our certified thermographer/inspector has taken thousands of infrared pictures during real estate inspections and energy audits. We have found countless defects with the infrared camera that the human eye would have missed.  See below for more reasons to have your house scanned:
If you are planning on buying or selling a home in the Houston, Texas area, Trust A to Z for a Texas Certified Home and Commerical Inspector. We understand that Real Estate Transactions are one of the Largest Investments you will make in your life. It is always a stressful situation and you must be prepared for anything that may cost you more than you bargained for. We provide several in-depth services including TREC Home Inspections, Commerical Inspections, Roof Inspections, Moisture Inspections, Pre-Listing and Infrared Technology to provide you the Best Inspections Houston has to offer.
Call Bill (713 253 1259) for details.
A very hot service wire that is attached  to the home's electrical panel - This is a fire hazard.   
 Uninsulated attic hatch -  what you are seeing  is the hot air from the attic heating the attic hatch 
This  is what missing insulation looks like in the ceiling. 
  Stucco wall - the dark gray color in the middle of red/yellow  is moisture in the wall coming from  the roof deck. 
The infrared camera sees defects the human eye cannot see.
Additional cost may apply. Those factors are age of the house, design and height of the roof, type of foundation, location of property, number of air conditioners, pool, spa, sprinkler system, detached building and other factors. 

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