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Pre-listing Inspections
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Eventually the buyers are going to conduct a home and termite inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. The purpose of the pre-listing building inspection is to put you the seller in control! The home can be marketed to the best benefit for you, with a clear view of the home's strengths and flaws. At A to Z (termite inspections Houston), we make this an affordable service for you.

No more buyers getting cold feet when they find out the home is not perfect.

You resolve any differences of opinion about the house before it goes on the market. You fix any conditions identified (if you choose to) or merely reflect it in the purchase price. This takes it off the table as a negotiating point against the seller.


Advantages of a Pre-listing Building Inspection In Texas


  • Having A Real Estate Inspection Performed During The Prelisting Period Will Provide A Seller With Their Property Condition at an Affordable Price
  • The Home Inspector's Report will Assist The Seller And Real Estate Agent In Setting A More Realistic Listing Price
  • The Seller Repairs Any Conditions Identified (If You Choose To) Or Merely Reflect It In The Purchase Price of the Home
  • Having a Termite and Building Inspection from the best home inspector Houston has to offer Takes Issues Off The Table As A Negotiating Point Against The Seller
  • It Will Allow The Seller To Shop Around For The Best Price For Repair. Not An Overstated Price That A Buyer Would Use To Make Sure All Is Covered
If you are ready to sell your home and you live in the Houston , Texas area, Make sure you are covered for whatever lies ahead with A to Z Building Inspections Texas.

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