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With an infrared camera, moisture meters, and specialized equipment, moisture content can be located and analyzed within the interior or exterior of a typical Houston house or building. Stucco, EIFS, sealants, plumbing, and flashing issues deficiencies are addressed. Our written and photographic report documents the location and will attempt to identify the source of any moisture intrusion. For more information on our inspection services including infra-red thermography and fees,
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Moisture intrusion and potential mold in walls, ceilings, insulation, and other building material - Infrared thermal imaging is much faster, nondestructive, and provides a much higher degree of accuracy and reliability in residential and commercial buildings than other moisture detection technologies used to trace the source and scope of water intrusion and related damages. Also, it can assist in stopping the potential mold outbreak that is associated with moisture intrusion.
Some of the example pictures included in this page have an infrared picture that is overlaid onto a digital image or a digital picture was taken of the same area so you can see the location of the temperature anomaly/problem area and better understand the issue in question.

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