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Commercial Building Inspections Houston

Protect Your Investment

We know buildings! When hiring a commercial building inspector it is critical to work with an expert commercial inspector to ensure you are making a smart investment choice.


Thermographic technology and infrared cameras have improved over the past decade to the point that a certified infrared inspector can catch otherwise unseen issues in commercial and industrial buildings and roofs using this nondestructive technology.  This is what we at A to Z Home inspection Services specialize in.


Differences in surface temperatures or radiant energy can reveal many remarkable qualities or abnormalities within a building structure, roof system or electrical system that would otherwise go unacknowledged.  We at A To Z  utilize training, previous experience and continuous consultation with industry experts to provide a cost effective and comprehensive system of digital as well as thermal images to document and illustrate to the client current and potentially future problems within a commercial building. 


We recognize that evaluating and deciding to buy or lease a commercial building can be overwhelming and we keep this in mind from the first contact we have with the client.  It is our goal to clearly and concisely layout our findings of any building deficiencies or concerns and educate the commercial client(s) so that they can make the best business decision moving forward. 

We provide a complete  building inspection of all major components: Electrical, Mechanical, Heating Plumbing and Air Conditioning/Ventilation, and Roofing so that clients will have a clear understanding of the condition of the purchase or lease at the time of the inspection. 

  • Commercial Building

  • Retail and Office Spaces

  • Medical and Spa 

  • Hotels and Motels 

  • Apartment and Multi-Units

Let's Chat About Commercial Building Inspections
What A to Z Building Inspections Does For Your Commercial Inspection

Most property owners/management face the problem that moisture behind the siding, walls, over ceilings,
and under floors or roof decks is often impossible to detect until the problem surfaces and is visible to the
naked eye. 

Our Commercial Real Estate Inspections Are Non-destructive Using Our Experience, A High-performance
Thermal Camera, Moisture Meters And Other Tools. Some Examples:


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