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Infrared Thermography Inspections

Inspections Using Infrared Thermography

A to Z Building Inspection Services uses state-of-the-art Infrared Thermography Imaging in conjunction with the Structural and Mechanical Real Estate Inspections of the home or business you're looking to purchase. We use high-performance thermal cameras (FlirT840 and T600) to diagnose problems that any other Real Estate Inspectors without this technology and training would have missed, basically because they could not see it. We have identified numerous issues with the infrared camera, including water penetration of the roof and siding, insulation defects, window and door air leaks, plumbing leaks, electrical issues, and HVAC ductwork issues.

Benefits of Using Infrared Thermal Imaging During Inspections

           Reliability - When using Infrared Thermal Imaging we can safely and reliably determine the source of                       concerns in the inspection process with easy non-invasive and non-destructive testing so you know

           what you are really buying into. 

           Affordability - Potential problems can be found before they become a real nightmare, preventing

          unexpected shut downs in your commercial property or having expensive repair cost in your new home.

A thermal imaging inspection involves using a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera, Infrared Camera (IR), or videos to check the outside or inside of a building or home. It looks for water and moisture that may be inside the walls. Infrared Cameras are used to determine the efficiency of insulation in buildings, insulation that has accumulated moisture due to leaking in the building structure. Through the use of advanced infrared imaging systems, we can diagnose many different types of applications. Most of these rely on the analysis of thermal patterns emitted by various surfaces and equipment. Below are some of the uses of infrared testing.

See Beyond The Naked Eye

         Roofing Infrared Inspections - Roof moisture inspections can locate saturated wet insulation by identifying               possible leaks and sources of potential issues which can decrease the cost of spendy roof                                       repairs/replacement. 

         Electrical Faults - Issues with electrical connections, wiring or other system components are highlighted in

         images as ‘hot spots”, making them easier to locate and determine repairs needed. 

         Structural Defects - Commercial Building and Homes can be diagnosed quickly and thoroughly using infrared           imaging, identifying problems areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye ensuring the integrity of the                   structural and environmental system. Infrared Inspections can Locate water leaks from windows, air                         conditioners, water penetration of the stucco, condensation issues, and drain lines and plumbing lines.


We look forward to assisting you with all your real estate and commercial building inspection needs!

Let's Talk About Infrared Thermography Inspections
Moisture Accumulation found in an inspection using infrared thermal imaging

The example picture highlights temperature differences and patterns associated with moisture accumulation under the balcony. These Infrared Thermography Images included in our reports have an infrared picture that is overlaid onto a digital image, or a digital picture was taken of the same area and placed beside the infrared image so that the client can see the location of the defect.

Using high-performance thermal cameras to test for moisture does not have to be guesswork when the right combination of tools is used in conjunction with each other to verify results.

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Thermal Imaging Camera
We Use The Latest Infrared Thermography Cameras


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