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Moisture Intrusion Inspections

Moisture infiltration and water leaks can cause severe damage to a structure and are difficult to find using conventional methods. Using a high-performance thermal camera, moisture meters, and expertise, finding hidden water and moisture issues is possible without destructive testing. This technology helps detect and highlight temperature differences associated with water penetration or accumulation and other construction defects. It makes your Moisture Intrusion Inspections report interpretation easy for even a person unfamiliar with infrared technology. This technology allows us to see the problems before they escalate into significant issues. Infrared technology also helps diagnose the extent of an issue. For example, moisture and mold are interrelated. The longer the building material stays wet, the worse the mold problem becomes. Early detection with a high-performance thermal camera and verified with other tools can reduce damage and costs.

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We Use The Latest Moisture Meters  

Different moisture meters are used in conjunction with the high- performance thermal cameras to verify the results.

Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter
Roof Moisture Meter and Wall Scanner

Moisture Intrusion Inspections

A Difference You Can See

Moisture can come from numerous sources. It can come from the outside. Through the roof, flashing deficiencies, doors, windows, balconies. or poorly constructed walls. Some examples:

Stucco Wall Inspection

Air conditioners that are not
correctly sealed in the attic will
cause condensation under the right


Uninsulated air conditioner condensate drain line will sweat in the attic and eventually drain into the sheetrock.


Insulation deficiencies are easily detected with the infrared camera.


Balcony tiled floor to stucco wall is not properly protected with flashing allowing moisture to penetrate the top of the balcony.


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