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  • Bill Loftus

Choosing a Home Inspector

When a business owner or business person is considering an infrared scan with the real estate inspection, there are several things they should consider when choosing the right person to do the infrared scan. What type of certification does the person have who's doing the infrared scan. The state does not require any license or certification. Different organizations offer basic thermography classes. However, I would suggest finding someone who is an experienced Level 1 or 2 thermographer to perform the inspection/Infrared scan. Another consideration is the infrared camera. There is a direct correlation between the infrared camera's cost and the sensitivity of the infrared camera. The sensitivity of the infrared camera is essential. The temperature difference between the outside and inside temperatures can be very close in the spring and fall. The lesser sensitive infrared camera is more likely not to detect defects because of the IR detector's sensitivity in the camera and the resolution of the picture recorded by the infrared camera.

In the spring and fall parts of the year, the inside temperatures are within a 20° difference. The less sensitive infrared cameras are less likely to detect the temperature anomaly or defect. However, the inspector that uses an infrared camera is a step above other inspectors who do not.

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